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Below is a list of things you can do to help the Friends of Queen’s Market and ensure the survival of Queen’s Market.

One of the below should take you 1 MINUTE:

- Keep friends and neighbours updated on the Queen’s Market issue.

· Look at our website and tell your friends about it.

· Find out about local people affected by the plans and ask for their details.

· Maybe you know someone who wants to set up a stall at the market?

· Shop more regularly at the market.

· Speak with the traders to find out how they are doing. They would appreciate it.

· Make a donation towards printing or materials costs for leaflets, banners etc.

· Put up a poster on your window or public notice board. 

One of the below should take you 1 HOUR:    

  · Join us at a campaign stall at the market. We will let you know on the dates.

· Attend our supports’ meetings with friends (monthly)

· Distribute leaflets to homes and businesses.

· Write letters to people you think might be interested like a national newspaper, Member of Parliament, your favouriteTV/ radio station, a community group or celebrity.
Under Freedom of Information Act you can also ask the Council and public bodies tosend you information on any issue concerning the market.

· Translate in a different language. You can translate leaflets or person-to-person at a stall.
· Draw or design a leaflet or poster.

· Do interviews. If you’re a confident person you might want to speak with the local and national media.  

Friends of Queen’s Market are a non- political community group and rely on volunteers help.
We welcome input from all sections of London’s communities our aim is for Queen’s Market to remain under local community control and to ensure it's long-term future.